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Atlas and Oasis is a space devoted to the love of travel to far flung corners of the globe, and the unique art, crafts, and kitsch to be found there.  We offer a host of products and services, including the following:

A Social Hub:

With coffee at the ready, we welcome guests to come visit our space and be inspired by the curios we’ve collected from around the globe.  We have designed our space to be a comfortable place to mix and mingle among items from places most wouldn’t be able to point out on a map, coupled with esoteric films and music videos played in our media nook, and global rhythms on our speakers.

Enjoying borsht at the Russian restaurant in Nikolaevsk, Alaska

Propaganda Art:

What started as a fleeting interest has grown into a full-blown obsession for Communist propaganda posters from around the world.  We maintain a collection of over 300 original propaganda posters – primarily Soviet in origin, but constantly expanding – which we offer for sale either in original format or as smaller prints.  Bold in color and design and esoteric in message, these items offer a fantastic pop of color to any room, and are sure to spark conversation with your guests.  We source directly from pickers in Ukraine, Georgia, and Vietnam, or when opportunity allows, flea markets during our various travels.

Carpets and Textiles:

Upstairs from Atlas and Oasis is Oasis Antique Oriental Rugs, the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination for antique carpets from the Middle and Near East.  The rugs we have on offer are newer, yet still primarily handmade and dyed only using natural, vegetable dyes.  We understand that a hundred year old Persian carpet may seem out of reach for the everyday shopper, and aim to offer carpets to fit a smaller budget while not compromising on quality.

We also collect a number of different textiles from around the world, including African wax cotton prints made in Ghana, and traditional embroidery arts from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and South America.

Kitsch and Ephemera:

In addition to visiting flea markets around the world, we also maintain a robust group of pickers in some of our favorite destinations, from the Algerian Sahara to Eastern Ukraine to the Mongolian steppe.  We rotate exhibitions in our space based on the places we are currently traveling and aim to create an immersive experience that will change constantly based on whichever far flung destinations we’re currently obsessing over.

Heaven is a place deep in the Surinamese interior

Bespoke Travel Planning:

One of the most off-putting parts of planning to travel to a place off the beaten path is finding the information necessary to make bookings confidently.  Nick and David have extensive experience in planning vacations, expeditions, and everything in between to lesser touristed parts of the world, and maintain a vast network of guides and fixers around the world to assist in travel planning.  We are also well-versed in international visa policy, and are happy to consult on visa application processes for nations with more finicky tourist visa application procedures.

We also have an extensive and constantly-expanding travel library our guests are free to peruse over a cup of single origin coffee or organic tea while getting inspiration for their next adventure.